COVID-19: How to clean your systems and accessories

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has an enormous impact on all of us. Universities are closed, research that is not related to COVID-19 has been put on hold. From what we have seen happening around us.

Red Dot Award 2019: Product Design

Why wouldn’t we put a great amplifier in a great designed enclosure? This question was raised a couple of times during the SAGA development project. Usually, lab equipment or measurement devices have.

Measurement Principles

In the field of electrophysiological measurements, we distinguish two types of measurement principles: the bipolar and the unipolar measurement principle. Here we will explain the difference between.

Basics of Measuring Bio-Electricity

Bio-electricity, or the potential differences that we can measure between two points on the body, can give very important information regarding the electrical activity that takes place inside the.

Mains interference

A signal that that is almost always found in an electrophysiological measurement is coming from the mains, 220 V / 50 Hz in most European countries, 110 V / 60 Hz in many others. It is a common.

Movement Artifacts

A common problem in measurement setups where the subject is allowed to move around is the movement artefact. Movement artifacts originate from two different phenomena: • Movement of the cables •.