Exciting news! We are happy to announce the release of our new SAGA User Application, a free and easy-to-use software to perform HD-EMG and EEG measurements. At TMSi, we've listened to your feedback, creating this intuitive application to enhance user experience at any experience level. We believe this improvement will greatly benefit both our current and future users.

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Highlights of the SAGA User Application

Quickly get started with the SAGA User Application's user-friendly workflows for HD-EMG and EEG measurements. Features include:

  • A straightforward design intuitive for users of any experience level
  • Built-in configurations for Textile HD-EMG grids, cEEGrids, and headcap layouts
  • Measurement of impedances with convenient mapping of values to your accessory
  • Real-time data recording and viewing
  • Export your recorded data to EEGLab (MATLAB) or MNE (Python) for analysis (read more here)
  • Built-in help for additional assistance, if necessary

Note: The SAGA User Application will be a replacement for the Polybench QRA.

Download the SAGA User Application

Easy to Configure Your Device and Perform Your Recordings

Easy to Configure SAGA

The SAGA User Application offers a user-friendly experience for configuring your device and conducting recordings. Simply choose your accessory, set the sample rate and reference method, and start your experiment. For more advanced configurations, explore the extended settings page to customize all aspects of your device settings.

Simplified Impedance Measurement and Mapping

SAGA UA ImpedancesEffortlessly measure impedances and map the values to your accessory, ensuring a hassle-free setup for optimal performance. Impedance values are color-coded in the grid for an easy overview and impedance values are shown in a table. 

Real-Time Data Preview and Adjustable Signal ViewerSAGA UA Signal Viewer-2

View live data while recording, and tailor the viewer to your preferences by adjusting filters, amplitude ranges, zooming, and selecting specific channels for visualization. It is possible to easily select a row of an HD-EMG grid or an EEG area in the headcap configuration. Manually showing and hiding channels is also possible.

Download the SAGA User Application

The SAGA User Application can be downloaded here and is free of charge. If you would like to know more about the SAGA User Application, contact us at info@tmsi.com.