We're pleased to introduce a new integration that offers the possibility to use a TMSi system in combination with Cometa's WaveX, offering a practical solution for combining High-Density EMG with bipolar EMG and IMUs. This integration is available as a plugin for the TMSi Python interface, incorporating the WaveX SDK seamlessly into its structure. Best of all, it's free to use.

Highlights of this Integration

  • One platform (Python) to control acquisition from both TMSi devices and the Cometa WaveX system for enhanced efficiency and user experience.
  • Synchronization possibilities without the need to attach cables between the two systems using LabStreamingLayer.
  • Extension of an EEG or HD-EMG measurement setup with IMUs and additional bipolar (up to 36) physiological signals, such as EMG or EOG.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 162536-1

Download and Get Started

An example that shows how to use the integration is part of the TMSi Python interface can be found on GitLab (link). Within this documentation, you'll find comprehensive tutorials designed to guide users through the installation, utilization, and synchronization of the integration. The SDK files of WaveX, are available upon request at Cometa (link). If you would like to know more about this integration, our SAGA amplifier, or our Textile HD-EMG Grids, contact us at info@tmsi.com.