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From Problem...

The previous generation HD-EMG grids are made of PCB-material, which is hard to place on double-curved and dynamic locations. Researchers typically experience electrodes detaching when the grid is partially lifted from the skin. This results in artifacts in the signal, making analysis of  HD-EMG signals more challenging and time-consuming.

Flex PCB Grid GIF
Textile Grid GIF

... to our Solution!

TMSi developed a revolutionary Textile HD-EMG Grid to solve these typical problems. The Textile HD-EMG Grids are made of slightly stretchable, textile material with great adhesion. Because of these properties, the grid prevents movement artifacts and stays perfectly on the skin - even when placed on challenging locations. More information is available on the Textile HD-EMG Grid product page.


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Are you a researcher using High-Density EMG, or are you ready to start using High-Density EMG? We're eager to have a conversation with you about your research application and explore how the Textile HD-EMG Grids can advance your research. Reach out for a meaningful exchange of ideas today!

TMSi Sample Data HD-EMG textile grid

Download sample data

Check the signal quality of the Textile HD-EMG Grids for yourself with this sample data set. Click on the blog above to learn more about the data set.

Signal Demonstration video TMSi Textile HD-EMG Grid

View the signal demonstration video

Watch the video above to view the easy preparation of the Textile HD-EMG Grids and the live signals during calf raises, walking and jumping.

Textile HD-EMG grids overview-1

More product details

Read about the different sizes and topologies of the Textile HD-EMG Grids and more details about how the grids can be used on the product page.

TMSi Instructional video Textile HD-EMG Grid

View the instructional video

The Textile HD-EMG Grids are easy to use and come with a pre-applied adhesive layer. This video explains how to prepare the grid and how it can be connected to the amplifier.


Read Knowledge Base articles

TMSi's Knowledge Base is a hub where you can find many articles to support you when using the Textile HD-EMG Grids. It is a collection of FAQs, How-To's, videos, and more. 


Build your own HD-EMG experiment

TMSi offers the open-source TMSi Python library that interfaces with the TMSi amplifiers. The available examples allow you to easily acquire signals with the systems.

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