We were happy to have the opportunity to connect with our distributors from Asia, Australia, and the United States during our recent event in Bangkok last week. This event brought together our valued partners from China, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, India, and the United States in an interactive and collaborative environment.

Throughout the event, we engaged in insightful discussions covering a wide range of topics, including current and upcoming products, strategies for enhancing collaboration, navigating local markets, and interactive demos.

APEX + Water Cap Demo - zoomed

Figure 1: TMSi demonstration over a quick and mobile EEG solution

One live demonstration showed a quick and mobile EEG solution, using our EEG amplifier  APEX  together with a new water-based headcap concept (Figure 1). Furthermore, our partner, Artinis, gave a demonstration of a multi-modal EEG-fNIRS solution using APEX, Brite, and Oxysoft  (Figure 2).

APEX + Brite Demo - zoomed

Figure 2: Artinis demonstration combining EEG-fNIRS

We are pleased to consider this event a success, thanks to the interactive participation and valuable insights shared by our  distributors and partners.

To our attendees, thank you for joining! We look forward to our continued collaboration and hope to see you at our next event.