A new version of the TMSi Python Interface (V5.1.0.0) has been released!

We are continuously improving our TMSi Python interface. In this latest release (10-08-2023), many new functionalities for APEX and SAGA have been added:

  • Integrated APEX and SAGA control in one SDK, making it possible to control both devices similarly.
  • The manual has been replaced by a new type of documentation. This documentation includes a step-by-step walkthrough of example workflow scripts, making it easier to follow and understand the TMSi Python Interface. This documentation can be found under the "Documentation" folder / Documentation TMSi Python Interface.bat (Figure 1).
  • The plotters have been updated to a new framework so that users can more easily customize existing plotters or build new plotters.
  • Added new examples:
    • File reader to show how to extract data from a file.
    • APEX impedances example to extract live impedance data from a file.
    • Independent Component Analysis (ICA) example on how to use ICA in combination with TMSi data.
    • Example for extracting and analyzing Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) from a file.


Figure 1: Screenshot of the new TMSi Python Interface documentation.
Check out the new release with an overview of all changes on GitLab here!