Why wouldn’t we put a great amplifier in a great designed enclosure? This question was raised a couple of times during the SAGA development project. Usually, lab equipment or measurement devices have boring designs. Although the most important feature of an amplifier or medical device is it’s performance, but why wouldn’t you design a ‘box’ that looks good and has great performance?


The shape

So, how did we get to the point where we decided to go with the pentagonal shape that is now the award-winning SAGA? Well, to be honest, when our design partner showed the non-traditional shaped concept we actually were not completely convinced. Yet. Our marketing/sales people saw the possibilities to stand out in the crowd of rectangular systems, but the shape would come with many challenges. One of them: how do you fit rectangular batteries inside a pentagonal shape.

Then, we evaluated the different designs and options and one of the design challenges is the fact that SAGA comes with many input connectors. The one or two multi-connectors for multichannel EEG of HD EMG recordings, but also the two dual bipolar inputs and the three triple AUX inputs.

The ideal situation is if you would have all connectors on the same side of the device. Envision a rectangular device with cables coming out on two, or even three sides. Placing connectors in two, or even three rows would make the device considerably bulkier. Both options are considered to be a problem from usability perspective. From ergonomic point of view, you need the grip with your fingers to plug or unplug connectors.

We looked at the pentagonal shape and we realized that this could be a very practical solution. What if you still use two sides of the total of 5 for connector inputs? The multi-channel UNI inputs on one, and the BIP/AUX on the other side? You would have, in case of a fully equipped system more or less in the same direction, or plane. All cables would go naturally down first, and them go to the place of the electrode or head cap. But what about the batteries? Well, you still have three sides free. One for some buttons and one for the battery compartment.

Red Dot Award 2019: Product Design

The design progressed and based on early feedback of close customers and other partners we knew we were on the right track. During this process we decided to apply for a Red Dot Award 2019. We are proud to announce that we are one of the winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2019: Product Design. We are honoured that the renowned jury of Red Dot has picked our SAGA design as a winning design.

Together with our design partner DUNC we have successfully integrated a great amplifier inside a great design and we are proud to be one of the Red Dot Award 2019 winners.