Gelderland, NL: TMSi, MindAffect and MFI have been awarded an R&D collaboration grant by the Mkb Innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren (“MIT”) to develop an EEG-based Glaucoma diagnostic system, (Glaucoma Analysis Monitoring or “GLAM System”). The MIT R&D collaboration grant is aimed at supporting the development or innovation of products, production processes or services.


Glaucoma is a result of irreversible damage to the optic nerve which leads to permanent loss in the visual field. The global statistics are very alarming; approximately 64 million people worldwide have glaucoma and this is expected to increase by more than 70% in 2040. It is believed to be the 2nd leading cause of blindness with over 11 million people who suffer from blindness as a result of glaucoma. In addition, glaucoma is difficult to detect in the early stages of the disease and very costly and challenging to properly monitor its progression. It is not surprising that several studies show the current estimates fall far short of the actual patients with the disease by >50%.


Benefits of the GLAM System

The progressive and irreversible nature of glaucoma make timely diagnosis and initiation of treatment essential. Current testing is time-consuming, expensive and requires multiple costly monitoring visits per year. Current techniques require challenging levels of patient response and correct interpretation. With the GLAM System, the testing could become much more efficient and objective. The GLAM System could be used in cost-effective, preventative, visual screening programs in order to diagnose the disease earlier – before irreversible damage can take place.


Innovation & Collaboration

“We are very pleased to receive the MIT R&D Grant for this exciting project. The proceeds will used to support the development of the GLAM system prototype which will measure the optic nerve activity in the visual cortex for the purpose of diagnosing and monitoring  glaucoma.” Asker Bazen, CEO TMSi. “The resulting system will require no patient response which will make it more accurate, faster and easier to administer.” Jennifer Goodall, CEO, MindAffect. “The successful product will require the alignment of important innovations in both hardware and software which the partners, TMSi, MindAffect and MFI, provide as a result of their highly complementary areas of expertise.” CEO, Peter Aben, MFI.


Our Vision for the Future

The goal of the GLAM System is to use advanced technology to protect the vision of our aging population in order to provide a longer, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. The award of MIT Collaboration Grant to the partnership of TMSi, MindAffect and MFI represents the cornerstone of the development of this innovation.


Jennifer Goodall,
MindAffect BV,,
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