Share your research project with us and win a SAGA 32/64+

We are excited to launch our brand-new SAGA 32/64+ amplifier system this year and we want to celebrate that with a spectacular release action!

We are giving away a fully equipped SAGA system including accessories (sensors, caps, grids), consumables (gel, stickers, electrodes), software (TMSi Polybench or MATLAB)!

In order to win you need to write a proposal for a research project where you would definitely need a SAGA 32/64+ system. If we believe, that your proposal is the best match with our new amplifier system, you win it. It is that simple. You can read more about the SAGA 32/64+ here.

Of course, there is a chance that you don’t win. In that case we still reward you with a 20% introductory discount on the system.

There are a few guidelines for your application on the next page. Read them carefully.



How can you win?

  • Your proposal needs to be original, understandable and of course involve measurement of electrophysiological signals.
  • Your research proposal covers at least the following:
    • What kind of measurements do you wish to do and why?
    • Why would SAGA help you do this research?
    • What additional accessories (sensors, head caps, gel, electrode grids, etc.) would be necessary to complete your research? (We will contact you for exact details anyway).
    • Why is this research project important? (Why should you win?)
  • Your proposal is written in English, does not exceed 2 A4 and received before April 1st 2019 via the SAGA page on our website.
  • Send your proposal via our website. Follow the link in the popup on the homepage or go to:
  • The contact details of the form need to be filled out correctly.
  • We will announce the winner in the beginning of April. We pick the winner based on originality and fit with the SAGA 32/64+ system features.

Who can win?

  • You are a professor, PhD, Master student, or researcher at a research institute, university or hospital.
  • You win the SAGA, but the system will be shipped to an organization (institute, hospital or university, etc.). The system will be owned by that organization. We do not accept applications from individual persons.
  • You can send in one application per person.

What do you win?

  • We supply a SAGA 32/64+ system with 2 dual bipolar inputs and 3 triple auxiliary inputs. Your system consists of a fully equipped system, including software, required accessories such as sensors, head caps or HD EMG cables. We will also include consumables such as gel, electrodes or HD EMG grids for 100 measurements. Read more about the SAGA on our website to familiarize yourself with the wide variety of features.
  • There are no catches. You will be receiving free Support on the device, help with installation if need be and have the warranty as if you would have bought the system.

What do we request in return?

  • You are actually going to use the system to perform the research you propose
  • A picture of you and your system which we will use for marketing purposes. This includes you allowing to post the picture on for example LinkedIn and our Website but also on trade shows, etc.
  • Your contact information may be used for marketing purposes: you will receive our newsletter from now on if you are not already.
  • If you do not win, you will still receive an offer with a 20% introductory discount on a full SAGA system.

For questions about the application or guidelines, feel free to contact us: