TMSi SAGA Device Driver (Linux)

NEW RELEASE! - 16/11/2020

Version 2.1.0

- enabled crc-check on ll-dev-frame between PC and DS
- Set timeout on FW-update-done message on 30 seconds
- Shutdown the DS-interface hw-wise, after a discovery or close-connection, if no open connections to this interface exist anymore. This will ensure that an application can unload the device library (e.g. Matlab) successfully.
- Added an additional wait, needed for the usb-driver (v4.14) in the V2 Linux-image of the Docking Station.
- Added usb-mutex-string as in windows version.
- Preventing a race-condition in freeing allocated sample-data-memory from the sample-data-buffer
- Usb-interface : Skip unneeded call to "set alternate interface" for linux,
which resets the usb-interface internally and would need at
least a wait of 2 seconds, before the execution can continue.

Compatible with SAGA 32+ and SAGA64+ systems


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