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Wired & wireless data transfer functionality

Instantaneous data transfer via fiber-USB for real-time measurements, or data transfer via Wifi for mobile measurements, the SAGA does it all!


Measure Anywhere

At the hospital, in the lab, at the patient’s home, or out in the open, the SAGA can measure anywhere.


Certified Medical Device

As a Certified Medical Device (Class IIa), the SAGA can be used in the ICU or in the OR, and is thus also certified to be used in any medical research project, making your life easier.


Active shielding technology

The SAGA includes unique technology, as well as individually shielded electrode cables that makes them practically immune to mains interference (50/60 Hz noise) and cable movement artifacts.


Bandwidth from DC up to 800 Hz

With a maximum sampling frequency of 4 kHz, this DC-coupled amplifier ensures that you have all the information from DC up to 800 Hz available for your research questions.


Great support

Not only the SAGA is great in measuring EEG and HD EMG, also our highly appreciated support department knows how to measure clean signals and will assist you when necessary.

What is TMSI SAGA?

The TMSi SAGA is the latest development in EEG and HD EMG research. The SAGA is the long awaited successor of the worldwide used Refa amplifier for EEG and HD EMG. It includes 64 unipolar input channels for measuring EEG or HD EMG, 4 bipolar inputs for EMG, ECG or EOG and 3 additional input channels for connecting a wide variety of physiological sensors. This battery-operated system includes both wired and wireless data transfer functionality, giving you the opportunity to do true mobile high density research.

What it means to you

The SAGA will provide the ultimate tool for your EEG or HD EMG research. Whether you want to research your subjects while they are sitting behind a desk, or when they are walking around, everything is possible. The two rechargeable batteries that are in the SAGA can be exchanged without interrupting your measurements, allowing you to measure without any time constraints. A 16-bit trigger input, and sync output functionality give you the tools for easy integrations with other equipment, including but not limited to TMS, NIRS, TDCS, etc.

And maybe the most important of all: Our unique technology and shielded cables guarantee superior signal quality, even under the most adverse circumstances!

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