Press Release: TMSi launches the award-winning SAGA32+ and SAGA64+

Oldenzaal (The Netherlands) - June 14th, 2019 - Twente Medical Systems International (TMSi) announced its latest innovation in the field of electrophysiological measurement equipment: the SAGA32+ and SAGA 64+. The SAGA32+ and SAGA64+ are high-quality data acquisition systems for measurement of electrophysiological signals such as EEG (brain activity) or EMG (muscle activity).

The systems are the successors of the systems Porti and Refa, which have a long-standing reputation in the scientific community. TMSi received all the final approvals and certificates required to sell the system as a Medical Device within Europe which marks the official launch of the product. Submissions in other markets are in progress.


TMSi SAGA Promotievideo


“SAGA allows true mobile measurement setups for various types of neuroscientific research and clinical applications.”, said Dick van Waes, CEO of TMSi. “The systems are the starting point of a series of innovations that TMSi is planning to bring to the market in the coming years”. The SAGA systems consist of two separable parts: The Data Recorder and the Docking Station. The Data Recorder can be worn on the body and the Docking Station is the interface to the PC and charging station for the batteries of the Data Recorder. The design of the device was recognized by the jury of the Red Dot Awards. The SAGA was picked as one of the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award from this year.

“Since we started to use TMSi devices in the Intensive Care Unit we have access to high quality EEG data that helps us to predict clinical outcome of coma patients. Because of the reliable, high quality data we can further optimize automated analyses of long-term EEG in hostile environments, for example in the ICU.” Michel van Putten, Neurologist in the Medisch Spectrum Twente and Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Twente.

About TMSi

TMSi, a company based in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, is specialized in the development, production and sales of high-quality medical devices for electrophysiological measurements. The systems are used in clinical research and medical diagnosis at universities, hospitals and other research centers. TMSi sells its products worldwide directly or via distributors.